Friday, October 14, 2005

MiAAPT Presentation

I'm writing this prior to presenting tomorrow morning. I'll add more tomorrow night if things change. I presented two different free software programs.:

Visual Analyzer:

My current plan is to hit some cool stuff you can do with both programs in the allotted fifteen minutes. It will not be easy. My tentative outline is as follows:

Visual Analyzer
  • Quick overview and how-to
  • Microphone input and visualizing sound
  • Tone generation: Range of hearing, destructive and constructive interference, speed of sound
  • Custom tones: Playing with harmonics
  • Quick overview and how-to
  • Tone generation: Re-building a sound
If I manage to get all of that in 15 minutes I'll have truly impressed myself. I tend to ramble on too much. In any event I won't be able to cover even half of what you can do with these programs. I created a short document a year ago for how to use Visual Analyzer 6.0 (it's up to version 7 now). You can get it here. If you want more info about how to use Audacity, just surf around the Audacity site and you'll find some pretty comprehensive instructions.

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