Monday, March 13, 2006

MACUL 2006

I just got back from MACUL. This is my second MACUL, after my first I started this blog. There weren't any really big wow new technologies for me this year, but I did learn about some new stuff. Here's my first installment of what I found interesting this year.

David Pogue gave the opening keynote and it was great, he talked about newish technologies and how they might change the way we do things in the future. His list included:
  1. Voice Over IP - David highlighted the potential of using WiFi enabled devices with Skype to potentially skip regular phones altogether.
  2. RFID Tags
  3. Untethered TV/Movies - With iTunes and Google Video we can now watch TV anywhere.
  4. Digital Cameras - These are everywhere.
  5. HDTV
I also attended part of his Tiger Secrets talk. I'm not a mac person these days, but this rekindled my Mac Envy.

Will Richardson gave a marathon four sessions in a row. I managed to only make one of them though and managed to learn a lot. The presentation I made was about podcasting, vodcasting and screen casting. He had a number of links in his presentation. I haven't been through them all, but here they are anyway:

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