Saturday, September 16, 2006

Scribes - Blogging in my Science Classes

About a month ago I decided I'd try Scribes this year in my Physics class. I decided the first few days of school were overwhelming enough, so I saved Scribes for a bit. I just got the ball rolling this last week. So far it seems to be going well and they seem to enjoy it.
Scribes involves having students keep a class blog. Each day a different student is given the responsibility of updating the blog. They will post class notes, pictures, upcoming assignments and useful links.

I started by having students email me and then I send out invites (from to invite them to participate. So far I've managed to get a third to half of my students added in this way. Next week (and next year for that matter), I'm going to have the remaining students type their own names into blogger from my computer in class. Thereby turning a two part process fraught with lost emails into a one part process.

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