Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MDSTA - Fall Meeting

Last weekend was the fall meeting of the Metro-Detroit Science Teachers Association. It's a great meeting that I've been lucky enough to present at the last few years. The sessions are good, the dealer room isn't bad for such a small conference and the MESTA (Michigan Earth Science Teachers) put out an incredible spread of rocks, minerals, and fossils for really low prices every year.

I presented on Cheap (Nearly Free) Probeware. You can find out more about what I did at my wiki conference handout. I showed off the HOBO stuff (a great relatively inexpensive probeware solution) and went through my DIY version of cheap probeware. The participants even got to make there own to take home. I'll try to put up a video tutorial soon (grades are due this week, so soon is relative).

I've been using wetpaint.com (a WYSIWYG wiki) as a way to set up easy to manage webpages for meetings I've been presenting at this year. I'll keep adding to it as I go. There's starting to be a lot of material there.

I find it's easier than a traditional webpage. There's no worries about where to host it, I can work on it anywhere, and I can open it if I want to let conference goers add anything.

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