Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wish I taught Earth Science

While helping a colleague play with Google Earth I discovered a cool website put together by the National Weather Service. You can download their weather radar loops into Google Earth.

The site will create a KML file for the selected radar which can be opened in Google Earth or NASA World Wind (I haven't tried World Wind with this yet). The data are real time and use the time slider that was added to Beta 4. You can hit play and watch or you can drag the slider back and forth. Each frame has to be loaded, so it can take a little time. You'll want to load it up prior to showing it to students. Some times it loads fast and other times it is fairly slow.

You can download different sectors and show them all at the same time. The one time slider will cycle all the open sectors at the same time. Goto the National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Images and check it out. You can of course simply view the loops as video files without bothering with Google Earth. The additional of Google Earth may not add much educational value, but it can make for a great anticipatory set.

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