Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When someone elses notes aren't enough

I don't tend to lecture much, so when I do it tends to be important. Invariably, there will be a handful of students out who will be forced to rely on the notes taken by other students. These don't often tell the complete story, because they have pictures that are finished products and don't show how we got there.

So, I decided to create a couple of short videos for my absent students (and those who just want a second chance). I wrote out my diagrams and formulas, taking pictures with my digital camera at several stages. Then I imported them into PhotoStory and narrated them. Once complete I uploaded them to YouTube.

All in all they didn't turn out that great, but I will definitely do this again. The main problem is the audio is really low. I'll need to invest in a real microphone at some point. Until then I'll have to figure out what went wrong and try to see if I can improve performance.

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