Friday, March 16, 2007


This year I presented. I ran a hands-on workshop entitled probeware with almost no budget. My handouts are on my wetpaint site, as usual.

Abstract: Learn how to make your own probeware for under $10/station that will allow you to do multiple labs in physics/physical science and how to use the free software to make it work. You will use homemade probeware to analyze sound, investigate gravity/acceleration, and periodic motion.

Even given a minor snag or two, it went better than I could have hoped. We managed to cover all the topics I'd planned plus one or two extra. All the participants got to make and take their own solar-cell based probe and nobody burned themselves with the soldering-iron.

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Ben said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to sit in on your session Steve. I'm very much a geek when it comes to soldering guns, but I hardly ever get the chance to use one.

I'll have to try out your project over Spring Break, see if I can get my science teacher friend to try it out.