Saturday, June 09, 2007

NECC 2007

I'm going to the National Education Computing Conference (NECC) this year. It's the premier ed tech conference. This year it's in Atlanta and I get to present.

I'll be a part of the math/science playground. Stop by and say Hi, I'll be there all day on Tuesday. I won't be showing anything new (at least not new for me), just my improvised probeware stuff. What I'm really excited about is the chance to learn from other educators. What works for them, what can I steal... er I mean use and cite appropriately.

I'm still looking for good ways to incorporate web 2.0 into my physics classes appropriately and effectively. I want to meet people, to pick their brains, to learn how they do what they do. I'm also hoping to meet up with some of the other members of The TechSavvy Educator forums who said they'd be attending.


Ben said...

I wish I could be there to hang out with everyone. Perhaps next year. Enjoy the conference, and all the connections you'll make.

Steve said...

Next year is in San Antonio (I think). The year after is D.C.

My brother lives just outside D.C. so I'll definately be there.

Anonymous said...

In terms of collaborative work, you can do some neat things with Vyew for free.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through the great instructable you recently posted. What an excellent idea! As a sometime physics teacher (and most of the time computer teacher), I am squirreling the idea away for future use.

Speaking of Web 2.0 in physics class, have you seen the YouTube videos by Dr. Altman? I've often thought that pulling on his idea of solving problems and posting videos could be handed over to the kids themselves.

Perhaps I'll see you at NECC in a few weeks. I'm interested in seeing your improvised probeware stuff as my small private school would appreciate homemade devices.

Steve said...

Thanks for the link to Dr. Altman. I'll have to spend some time looking at his videos.