Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun with Scratch

Unless you've been under a rock you've probably already heard of Scratch it's been all over the internet lately and made a huge appearance at the NECC. Scratch is a simple, intuitive programming language for kids. You lock together blocks of code like you put together legos.

Anyway, it really is a lot of fun. When I described it to my 9 year old son he was not interested at all. When I showed it to him, however, it was a different story. He can't wait to share it with his friends and cousins.

I could describe it to you, but it a demonstration is much cooler.

If you're interested you can download a much higer quality version from the

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Dave Briccetti said...

Hey, thanks for that demo. I hadn't discovered loudness or loud yet, and tying them to image effects gives fun results. We'll try these in class next week.