Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TeacherTechBites Episode 004 -

Well, we can't work all the time. Last spring I discovered Hulu. Hulu is a a site owned by NBC. It hosts streaming versions of some of the most popular TV shows. Additionally, it has many older shows as well. For new shows Hulu typically has the last five episodes, for older shows it often has the complete run! It also has a number of full length movies. Nothing brand new of course, but there's plenty of good stuff.

How much does it cost? Nothing, it's totally free. There are commercials, however. But, there is only one (rarely two) commercial per commercial break and they last 30 seconds at most (many are only 15 sec.)

Of course, if you must find educational value in everything you'll find some here as well. Hulu has added several science documentaries as well.

I love Hulu. It offers high quality video and the shot commercial breaks mean I don't spend as much time watching TV.

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