Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MACUL - Student Technology Showcase

So, tomorrow I'll be bringing a small group of students to the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning. They will be participating in the Student Technology Showcase. Come down and see us and all the other students between 11:00 and 1:00.

They will be showing off what they've learned about electronics and programming with the Arduino. Here's a capsule description:

Physical Computing - Electronics with Arduino

This is the beginning of an ongoing project focused on having students investigate and learn about electronics and programming in through inquiry and project based learning. Students are encouraged to push the bounds and learn what they need to solve the problems they face while they are facing them. In some cases they learn more about certain aspects of the material than I, their "instructor", know.

As students learn they share what they've learned on our class wiki, hosted through Google Sites. In this way they actually provide instructions for other students in the class or for future classes.

Arduino is an open-source platform that incorporates an Atmel micro-controller. It is programmed with the Arduino programming language (which is based upon C++). Students learn to use a variety of sensors to interact with their programs.

Our Wiki:

More Information on Arduino:

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