Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Google Serach Feature Coming?

I just saw this hack and I had to try it. Apparently Google is working on a way to visually relate search key words. In order to activate it you have to run a java script which puts a cookie on you computer. Tony Ruscoe and Phillip Lenssen detail the process at Google Blogoscoped.

You end up with a web like arrangement of search terms. Your search results will be off to the right. To make it work you really need some pretty general search terms. For example, my picture started at Educational Technology. When I searched Transforming Teaching, I got nothing. Proper names will work for really big people. Steve Jobs gives results, but David Warlick, Will Richardson, and Alan November do not.

I think this sort of search can have some power. But it's still in its early stages and needs a bit of work. It is fun to play with though, so you may want to give it a look.

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