Saturday, May 02, 2009

Easy Fund Raiser

Amazon has an Associates program where people can be paid to refer traffic to their site. Basically, if people follow your link and buy something you get paid. I've recently decided to try this out as a fund raiser for my Competitive Science Club. It couldn't really be easier. You'll see a search box below. You can embed a search box like mine anywhere that lets embed iframes. If people using my search box end up buying something, my club will get paid.

How much does it pay? It depends. The fees start at 4% of the purchase price, but if your referrals result in 7 or more purchases in a month you make 6%. People who are buying stuff already buy following your link. It literally costs them nothing to support your organization.

Another positive. You get paid after accumulating only $10 in referral fees! Payment can be Amazon gift cards, direct deposit into an account, or a check (but there are other caveats with a check).

The only real work you or your club members need to do is publicize your link!!! Buying something for Mother's Day? Why not try out my search box. My students thank you!

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