Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wiimote CPR Trainer?

Wow, this is really cool. Some smart people (Senior engineering students at Univ. of Alabama) out there have written a program to use the accelerometer in a Wiimote to help train people to do CPR correctly. The program is not available yet, but should be on the American Heart Association webstie in early fall 2009.

What makes this really cool is that it is a perfect example of an inquiry based project. While it was developed by seniors in college it could probably have been done by high school students. The skills needed to create this would be within the grasp of students I've had. It makes me wonder what other problems could be solved with the accelerometer in a wiimote...

For those interested in cool applications of Wii technology:

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John R. Sowash said...

The wiimote is one of those inventions that seems to have a life of its own! The number of uses for that little piece of plastic seem endless!

Steve said...

It is pretty cool. It will be interesting to see what cool stuff people will do with the Motion Plus.