Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teacher TechBites Episode 012 - Uniboard

Uniboard is basically a whiteboard. That's really all there is to it. I discovered it on my quest to get the coolest parts of an Interactive Whiteboard without the corresponding price tag. At one point I used the Wiimote option, but now I go with the wireless tablet device.

Stuff to Know
  • Will respond to pressure sensitive writing
  • Has a built in web browser, but you can only write on static pictures of the pages
  • Will allow you to record whatever ends up on the whiteboard and audio recorded from a microphone
  • Can import power point and pdf files, which you can annotate
  • Includes a number of built in Apps and you can build your own apps to use as well
  • You can download Flash apps and embed them in your presentations
  • Free version has a pop-up on every page. It appears every time you change pages, so if you go back to a previous page it returns.

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