Sunday, September 05, 2010

New Approach to my Electronics Class

I've been relying heavily on the web for the last couple years to teach my Electronics class. This year it will be the primary tool. Last summer I taught a virtual class and I've decided to teach my face to face class the same way.

For the most part I plan to have students work through lessons and watch videos I've prepared on the internet. My plan is to deliver all of my lectures in this way. These lessons will each have assignments associated with them that must be completed and there will also be weekly quizzes "to keep my students honest". At first all students will work through the same units, but at some point I'll have options available giving them some choice.

These options will culminate in final projects where students must create something new based upon the skills and knowledge they've gained. I'm hoping this will work as well as I think it can. If so I may pitch a number of new courses that build off my electronics course. These new courses would be run concurrently in the same room.

If you're interested you can keep updated on my progress at my Arduino Education blog. If you wat to see or use my class materials you can find them at All of my materials are released under a Creative Commons License.

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