Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Really Hate Hidden Pricing!

OK, I just want to rant a little. A few people from our school are at ASCD right now. One of them sent me an email saying I should check out Bubble Score. So I went to the site a clicked around. The only thing I can do is get a video demo.

From there I went to Mastery Connect, their real product. I have to say, after the video demo of Bubble Score I was ready to whip out my credit card. However, there's no way for me to buy it. In fact There is no pricing information anywhere on either website. Why do companies do this? I just want to know if it is something I can even consider or not and I don't want to have to deal with email or phone tag!

It makes me feel that the program will only look good in the hands of a salesperson. Why not give me a way to really see the whole thing and tell me the price? The fact that it's hidden and only a sales representative can show it to me makes me think it must be not that easy to use or not nearly as cool as they make it out to be. Otherwise why not let the product shine on its own merits.

The other annoying part is that this appears to be a service with lots of parts (unfortunately not everything we need) and I just want to have one piece of it. From the site it looks like an all or nothing thing and it seems they only want to sell to entire schools or districts. Oh well, I guess they don't want my money.

OK, I'm done ranting.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely. I found your blog when I did a search to see if I could find an approximate cost of this software. I had been on the company website and tried to find out at least an estimated cost of the product, because I had downloaded the free app for the iPad. Once I realized I could not see a price list, I deleted the app.