Sunday, March 20, 2005

MACUL Miscellany

Blogging - One site cited for blogging in education at MACUL was Blog Meister. This site seems to allow for teacher review of all blog posts and comments before students get to see them. This offers more security and helps to ensure appropriatness. In order to register you need a school code. Acording to the Documentation on the page you can recieve a school pass code by emailing David Warlick.

MovieMaker Tips - I didn't go to the session on MovieMaker tips, but from talking to a collegue I wish I had. He gave me a link that is almost as good as having been there. PapaJohn's Movie Maker 2 page.

Seeing Reason
- A concept mapping tool developed by Intel Education. Seeing Reason prompts students to investigate casue and effect relationships and develop thinking skills. Intel Teach to the Future offers a 40 professional development program centering on effective use of this tool. There should be some Michigan specific information about Intel Teach appearing at the MACUL web site soon.

Technology Cartoons for Educators - TechToon

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