Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Back - Walking the Walk

Sorry for the Hiatus...

I've decided to start "Walking the Walk", no more ideating. We talk about differentiated instruction and reteaching for relearning, but how do we do it. I've decided one way I can do these things is by creating short videos for my students. So, for at least the next month or two (sooner if I get bored I suppose) I'll be trying this out. Below is my first pretty lame effort. I'll have some better ones up as I shoot and edit them. This first one is really a proof of concept.


Ben said...

Can't wait to see them, but I'll have to go home first; YouTube being blocked at school and all. Perhaps TeacherTube?

Steve said...

I've been using Blip.TV

I haven't really looked at TeacherTube Yet. I also cross post to as well (Blip does that automatically).

I only have a couple of really dry electronics videos so far, but I'll be adding more throughout the semester.