Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Google Analytics is Cool

So, I've been using Google Analytics to track statistics on this blog. Well, a couple days ago I looked and got a shock. I typically see 20 to 50 hits in a give day. So I was a bit confused by what I saw.Over the course of three days, July 16-18th I had over 700 hits!!! I figured someone was messing with me so I looked and found hits from all over the place. Almost all of the hits cam from Google from people searching for information on the Hot Wheels Radar Gun (I blogged about it a couple years ago). This still left me a bit confounded, until I shared my confusion with my wife.

She, unlike me, doesn't live under a rock and pays more attention to news that has nothing to do with educational technology. Anyway, she told me of a kid who was using his Hot Wheels Radar Gun to stop people from speeding in his neighborhood. Apparently the story was picked up by the AP.

Anyway, I wonder how many weird blips like this happen in search histories caused by one relatively isolated event. Seems like there's a sociology experiment in this.

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