Monday, August 18, 2008

Episode 005 - Olympic Coverage

I've been hearing about it for days so I decided I should check it out. I wish I had earlier. NBC is putting up loads of high quality Olympic videos on their website (
  • The videos are very high quality
  • There are no annoying announcers
  • You can get events that would never be broadcast, due to lack of interest or no strong American participants
  • You can watch many events live while they happen
  • You can also watch some events as they were broadcast on TV if you happen to like the annoying announcers
You will have to install Silverlight (a plugin by Microsoft for streaming web video) if you haven't previously. It is painless and installs quickly. Once this is done you're ready to go! If you're interested in the Olympics you should definitely give this a look. Hopefully they'll keep the videos up after the games are over!

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