Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help - Google Teacher Academy

I'm planning on applying to the Google Teacher Academy Chicago (Sept. 24, 2008). Part of the application requires the production of a video.

"Each applicant to the Google Teacher Academy is REQUIRED to produce and submit an original one minute video on EITHER of the following topics: "Motivation and Learning" OR "Classroom Innovation." Be as creative as you like.

This video is a very important part of your application. The task is designed to demonstrate your technical ability, your resourcefulness, your commitment, and your unique personality and interests."

So, here's my video (one minute is not very long):

What do you think? Too cheesey? Need an introduction? Need my face/voice? Too disjointed? It's not too late to scrap it and start over. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Unless of course you're just trying to torpedo me to improve your own chances ;-)

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Unknown said...

Mr. Dickie,

I think its great. I have been thinking about applying as well. Let me know how the process goes for you. I like the Bitstrips idea. I might think of over-dubbing your voice as a sort of narrator couldn't help. You may have done this but I am at a coffee shop so I just remembered I have my lap-top on mute.
Best of luck with app. you would be the perfect candidate for this sort of professional development.

Mr. Lupinacci