Saturday, February 07, 2009

Molecular Biology in Your Kitchen?

I love the Internet. I stumbled across an article on BoingBoing about gel electrophoresis. One of the stumbling blocks most high school biology classes face related to this type of technique is the cost associated with it. Well, the article in question linked to a process involving straws and 9 volt batteries. No gel box and no costly power supply.

This led me to a cool Google Group, DIYBio.  There's lots of good stuff here that makes me wish I taught biology. I really do love how the Internet is fostering groups and supporting hobby communities that wouldn't have been able to exist, except in a local context, in the past.  

The OpenWetWare Wiki has the complete protocol. It is used to separate the pigments in food coloring as proof of concept.

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John R. Sowash said...

Thanks for the links. I am getting ready to do a unit on genetics and will consider the gel electrophoresis alternative.