Thursday, December 02, 2010

UniBoard is Now Free

In the past I've shown off this great program for working with tablets or with a Wiimote whiteboard called Uniboard. The problem was that Uniboard seemed to be dead. There had been no updates or tweets for months (maybe a year). I figured it was a piece of great software that would just fade into non-existence.

Well, yesterday I went looking for it again. I had observed a colleague of mine teaching yesterday and realized that even though it wasn't being updated that he could definitely use it. Well, apparently last week Uniboard went Open Source. It is now called Sankore and is totally free. Warning, the page is all in French. Here's a direct link to the download page.

The free version used to have a nag-screen on every page, it's gone now. The screen-capture tool had a watermark in the recording which is also now gone. I can whole heartedly recommend this program. Whether you need a tool to help present lessons in class or you want to record lessons for reverse lecture you should check out Sankore.


c-66 said...

Hello Steve,

Never had the chance to thank you for your great videos about Uniboard but it's better now than never ;)

As you have pointed out the project seemed dead but we were working hard on the new version and then, following this amazing opportunity to get Uniboard as an open source software, we spent countless hours to make sure we could make this become reality.

So yes, here it is, Sankore 3.1 (aka Uniboard) is now free, open source and we are setting up the community in order to support the project and keep up the development so there are lots of exciting things coming and we are making sure that access for other language will be easier.

Make sure to visite the open source project page where you can also get support and extra informations in english

All the best...

Uniboard conceptor

Steve said...

You are welcome. I was very pleased to learn that Uniboard was not dead. I look forward to seeing what other changes may come with it being open source.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying it out, but I am having trouble finding some simple things like saving a static image. Can I save a static image?