Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Direction

So, I haven't really been blogging as much this past year. So, what's the solution? More blogs to update. I'll be starting another blog or two that have a slightly different focus than this one. I wanted to keep this blog mostly focused on teaching with technology, but I often have good science ideas that aren't really technology based and I haven't had an outlet for sharing them.

So, I'm starting a brand new thing. I bought a domain from GoDaddy and set up Google Apps and Blogger to point at the new domain. So for the cost of $10/year (domain registration) I get free web hosting (10GB of storage), as many email addresses as I want, and easy to update web pages (both through Blogger and Sites). The whole set-up process, while not 100% pain free, was relatively simple. I could also easily add a couple more web services and have free audio and/or video hosting/podcasting (that way I wouldn't have to eat into my 10GB).

This idea has been percolating around in my brain since last year's NECC. Where I was presenting some of my science stuff in the Math/Science Playground. Someone recommended that I become the Open Source Science Guy since I was showing how to use Audacity to teach sound. Well, was already gone, so I bought (FLOS = Free/Libre Open Source)

As of writing this I haven't posted any FLOSScience blog entries yet, but I have been working on the Google Site side of the new site, just in case you're interested. Needless to say, developing this is my summer project.


Anonymous said...

I'll give it less than 3 years before FLOSScience becomes a common noun and verb.

Nice Work,

Steve said...

Yeah, but people will probably think you're talking about your teeth.

Anonymous said...

When I saw it, I thought "FLO-SScience" before "FLOS-Science"