Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Direction

So, I haven't really been blogging as much this past year. So, what's the solution? More blogs to update. I'll be starting another blog or two that have a slightly different focus than this one. I wanted to keep this blog mostly focused on teaching with technology, but I often have good science ideas that aren't really technology based and I haven't had an outlet for sharing them.

So, I'm starting a brand new thing. I bought a domain from GoDaddy and set up Google Apps and Blogger to point at the new domain. So for the cost of $10/year (domain registration) I get free web hosting (10GB of storage), as many email addresses as I want, and easy to update web pages (both through Blogger and Sites). The whole set-up process, while not 100% pain free, was relatively simple. I could also easily add a couple more web services and have free audio and/or video hosting/podcasting (that way I wouldn't have to eat into my 10GB).

This idea has been percolating around in my brain since last year's NECC. Where I was presenting some of my science stuff in the Math/Science Playground. Someone recommended that I become the Open Source Science Guy since I was showing how to use Audacity to teach sound. Well, was already gone, so I bought (FLOS = Free/Libre Open Source)

As of writing this I haven't posted any FLOSScience blog entries yet, but I have been working on the Google Site side of the new site, just in case you're interested. Needless to say, developing this is my summer project.


Jeff^(1/2) said...

I'll give it less than 3 years before FLOSScience becomes a common noun and verb.

Nice Work,

Steve Dickie said...

Yeah, but people will probably think you're talking about your teeth.

Jeff^(1/2) said...

When I saw it, I thought "FLO-SScience" before "FLOS-Science"